The University Record, August 13, 2001

For the Record . . .

The July 23 issue of the Record had two omissions in the tuition tables. The double asterisks for the table labeled “Proposed Undergraduate Tuition and Fees” were missing a corresponding footnote: “Includes A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning (upper division only), Art and Design, Education (upper division only), Music, Natural Resources and Environment, and Nursing.”

The table labeled “Proposed Candidate Tuition and Fees” was missing a double asterisk for the column “Total Tuition and Fees” under the “Other Programs” section. The note with the double asterisk printed at the bottom of the page refers to this column.

The July 9 Record article on the Albert Kahn exhibition at the Museum of Art incorrectly stated that the Rackham Building is among the architect's designs. According to Susan Campos, Rackham facilities assistant, the contract for the design of the Rackham Building went to Smith, Hinchman Grylls of Detroit (now the Smith Group). The project was assigned to William E. Kapp, who worked for several years under Kahn. The Smith Group also is responsible for the renovation work being done on the Rackham Building. For more information on Kapp and the history of the Rackham Building, visit the Web at