The University Record, August 13, 2001

Lilly Foundation grant will fund several programs

From the Office of the Vice President for Development

A $665,000 commitment from the Eli Lilly and Co. Foundation will advance the education of students pursuing careers in pharmaceutical and life science-related industries. It is the largest gift ever given to the U-M by the Lilly Foundation and the first benefiting several schools and colleges across campus.

Over three years, $500,000 of the total gift will go to the College of Pharmacy’s Eli Lilly Academic Technology Program; $90,000 to the Tauber Manufacturing Institute’s LeadershipAdvantage Program; $45,000 to pharmaceutical engineering, a new joint academic program of the College of Engineering and the College of Pharmacy; and $30,000 to the College of Engineering for undergraduate scholarships in chemical engineering.

The Foundation’s $500,000 contribution to the College of Pharmacy will help fund the new Instructional Technology Facility and other program initiatives. These efforts include upgrading computer technology in classrooms, developing Web-based instruction, distance learning, and creating a community of scholars who can discuss issues related to science and the pharmaceutical industry.

The Tauber Institute, created in 1993 as a partnership between industry, the College of Engineering and the Business School, will use its $90,000 funding for the development and implementation of the LeadershipAdvantage Program. This program integrates academic work and actual experience with team building and individual leadership.

Pharmaceutical engineering, a new interdisciplinary graduate research and training program through the colleges of Engineering and Pharmacy, will receive $45,000 for curriculum development and support. This program targets students with an interest in the pharmaceutical industry and practitioners seeking to further their knowledge.

Undergraduate education in chemical engineering will benefit from the $30,000 Lilly Foundation gift earmarked for scholarship support. Third-year students with an interest in the pharmaceutical industry will be eligible for the Lilly Undergraduate Scholarship awards.