The University Record, December 4, 2000

University Library receives two grants

By Pat Hodges
University Library

The University Library has received two grants to expand its digital library environment. “The Development of a Distributed Digital Library of Mathematical Monographs” project led by John Price Wilkin, principal investigator with H. Thomas Hickerson, Cornell University, has received a grant from the National Science Foundation DLI2 International Digital Libraries Projects. This project will create a distributed repository of significant historical monographs in mathematics. The repository will contain material from the mathematics collections at the University Library, Cornell University and the State and University Library Gttingen. The work will focus on issues central to the advancement of digital libraries, including distributed repositories and integration of digital resources, advanced access and retrieval, high levels of interoperability, and models for dissemination and use.

“Flora & Fauna of the Great Lakes Region: A Multimedia Digital Collection” project led by Christie Stephenson, senior associate librarian, will receive funding from the Institute for Museum and Library Services. The Library will work with curators at the University’s natural history museums to develop increased access to the Great Lakes region flora and fauna portions of the museums’ collections, and develop an extensible infrastructure for putting natural history collections online. The project will explore, prototype and test tools for using the online resources for multiple audiences, from primary school users to advanced scholars in the field, to the general public.