The University Record, December 11, 2000

Customer service focus of Health System program

More than 420 people attended the Health System-sponsored Customer Service Workshop in October. The purpose of the workshop was to define customer service, both internal and external; to present tools and techniques for effective customer service; and to develop achievable short-term (three months or fewer) outcomes and action plans. Making units more customer friendly both internally and externally is the focus of the program and a larger initiative within the Health System.

The workshop was co-chaired by Jeanette Lamphere, clinical department associate, Pediatrics, University Hospital, and Heather Laird, secretary, Pediatrics-Ambulatory Administration, University Hospital. Speakers included Jean Robillard, professor and chair, Department of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases; Heather Laird; Comedian Alena Green; Lloyd Jacobs, professor of surgery and senior associate dean for clinical affairs, Medical School, and senior associate hospital director and chief operating officer, U-M Hospitals; John Voorhees, the Duncan O. and Ella M. Poth Distinguished Professor of Dermatology and chair, Department of Dermatology; Ron Holmes, the David G. Dickinson Collegiate Professor of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases and clinical professor of pediatrics and communicable diseases; and Ritz Carlton’s Deb Maier. Human Resources also helped to facilitate the day. Prior to the event, a team was brought together to form a workgroup and provide the necessary resources to implement action and change. Photo courtesy Heather Laird