The University Record, December 11, 2000

Getting your e-mail during the holidays

Faculty, staff and students choosing to dial in from out-of-state using NetworkTwo, Merit Global Service or the Merit for-fee 800 services over the holiday break need to request access in advance of using them. To request access, contact the ITD Accounts Office, (734) 764-8000, or send e-mail to before leaving campus.

You will be billed for using any of these services. You also may choose to access your e-mail through a local Internet service provider. Information about dialing in when you’re away from campus is on the Web at

Remote access to U-M computing services may require you to install software provided via the U-M Internet Access Kit (the “Blue Disc”). The Windows and Macintosh kits are available on CD-ROM at the Computer Showcase in the Michigan Union for $13. Documentation for installing the software can be found on the Web at Questions? Call the consultant at (734) 764-HELP.