The University Record, December 11, 2000

Tips on avoiding holiday waste

Here are some tips from Sarah Archer, coordinator of Waste Management and Recycling Services, for avoiding holiday waste:

  • Don’t buy for the sake of buying.

  • Give gifts that create memories, such as gift certificates to the theater, sporting events and concerts; a get-away weekend at a local hotel (one with a pool and restaurant/lounge); gift certificates to local spas.

  • Give gifts that promote learning, such as books or bookstore gift certificates or the registration fee for a class to learn something new, such as yoga or gourmet cooking.

  • Give gifts that support the community, such as a contribution to the recipient’s favorite non-profit agency; adoption of a zoo animal; or volunteering at a local service organization.

  • Be creative with gift wrap. Reuse paper bags by cutting them up the sides and making them into flat sheets and then use rubber stamps, markers or sponge paint to decorate them. Use the front of last year’s holiday cards to dress up a package wrapped in plain paper.

  • Purchase recycled content holiday cards and gift wrap.

  • Reuse gift bags, boxes and bows.

    For more information on avoiding holiday waste, Archer suggests visiting the Web at