The University Record, February 5, 2001

Faculty salary increases average 5.1%

By Julie Peterson
Office of the Vice President for Communications

Faculty salary increases for 2000–01 averaged 5.1 percent, according to figures from the University’s Salary Record, released Jan. 29.

The median faculty salary increase (the 50th percentile) was 4.4 percent, the 25th percentile was 3 percent, and the 75th percentile was 6.6 percent. Thus, half of all faculty received an increase between 3 percent and 6.6 percent. The median is the point where the increase percentage for exactly half the group is greater than that and for half the group is less than that.

Salary increases for staff at all grades averaged 4.1 percent. The median staff salary increase was 4 percent, the 25th percentile was 3 percent, and the 75th percentile was 5 percent. The staff averages include salaries for employees in the Health System and exclude bargained-for employees.

“The University has been working extremely hard over the past few years to increase faculty and staff salaries,” said Provost Nancy Cantor. “However, it’s an effort that requires constant vigilance because of the tight labor market and the fierce competition nationally for the best scholars and professionals.

“It’s worth noting that in 1999–2000, even though faculty salaries were a priority in our budget and we were able to achieve an average increase of 4.9 percent, the comparable national figure was 4.8 percent, which means we didn’t gain much ground relative to our peers. We may well find that experience repeated this year when all the national data become available.

“Similarly, staff in 1999–2000 received average increases of 3.9 percent at a time when wages of highly educated labor nationally have been rising by more than 4 percent a year. We are always mindful of the risk of other organizations recruiting away our best faculty and staff.”

Merit salary increases for the University’s executive officers averaged 4.6 percent. Merit increases for deans averaged 4.7 percent.

Copies of the complete Salary Record are on reserve at the University Library and also may be purchased from the Human Resources Records and Information Services Dept., Room 4073, Wolverine Tower. Cost is $36, which includes postage, or $29 if picked up. University units may purchase the Salary Record by check or by using a University account.