The University Record, February 12, 2001

Photo story: Barnes receives Golden Apple

Honored as an exceptional University educator, Burt Barnes, the Stephen H. Spurr Professor of Forestry, is the recipient of the 11th annual Golden Apple Award. In choosing the award recipient, students vote for a professor who has ‘inspired, moved, enlightened and encouraged.’ Barnes, one nominator noted, ‘continues to stun and amaze and engage the students every year, as if this was his first year teaching and the challenge were new to him.’

Other nominators noted Barnes’ passion and dedication for the subject matter he teaches. ‘In addition to his vast knowledge of trees, forest ecosystems and the landscape, he is ultimately aware of how his students are doing,’ one wrote. Another commented, ‘Burt was my motivation for returning back to graduate school here, and his unending energy and enthusiasm make every student love his courses.’

Barnes was honored Jan. 31 in a ceremony in Rackham Auditorium. The Hillel-sponsored organization Students Honoring Outstanding University Teaching (SHOUT) bestows the award and requires the winner to give an ‘ideal last lecture’ at the award ceremony. The award was inspired by an important figure in the Jewish tradition, Rabbi Eliezer ben Hurkanos, who taught, ‘Get your life in order before you die.’ The Golden Apple Award and ideal last lecture are reminders that individuals should live each day to its fullest. Barnes’ ideal last lecture touched on landscape ecosystems, the specialty on which he focuses in his School of Natural Resources and Environment classes.

Photo by Paul Jaronski, U-M Photo Services