The University Record, January 29, 2001

Assembly Roundup

Editor’s Note: Please see separate articles on the remarks of Athletic Director Bill Martin and Chief Financial Officer Robert Kasdin at the same meeting.

By Theresa Maddix

Lawson Memorial Fund announced

Vice Chair Mojtaba Navvab, associate professor of architecture and urban planning, led the Jan. 22 meeting in the absence of deceased Chair Jacqueline Lawson. The meeting began with an announcement of the “Jackie Lawson Memorial Fund” and a tribute to Lawson by John Riebesell, associate professor of biology, U-M-Dearborn Department of Natural Sciences.

Riebesell, who called Lawson “a friend and colleague,” said, “One of Jackie’s distinguishing qualities was her willingness to speak out when she felt that something was wrong. Several times, Jackie nudged me in directions that proved to be the right direction. The memorial fund, set up through the Faculty Senate, will be used to encourage and support faculty governance at the University.”

Prescription Drug 2002 work group

SeonAe Yeo, Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs (SACUA) member and associate professor of nursing, updated the assembly on the work of the Prescription Drug 2002 work group. Yeo said, “In September, Provost Nancy Cantor and Chief Financial Officer Robert Kasdin charged the work group to identify a broad spectrum of solutions that balance patients’ needs with the escalating costs of prescription coverage. The most meritorious options [after being reported to Provost Cantor] will be presented to the University community for full discussion and analyses.”

The committee, composed of 12 members from five units and an outside consultant, has met eight times and conducted 24 focus groups and seven public hearings. Prescription drug costs have increased 15–18 percent annually during the past five years, Yeo said adding, “Our campus community is not immune to this national trend.” In discussions, Yeo has held three goals: “to protect the most vulnerable people, such as those with chronic illnesses; to make any modifications useful and fair to each of us; and to keep SACUA and the campus community informed.”

The group will miss its initial deadline of Jan. 31 to issue recommendations, as members believe they need to meet two or three more times before finalizing their suggestions.

Nominating committee election held

A nominating committee ballot was distributed at the meeting’s conclusion to select four names of outgoing Senate Assembly members who will nominate current Assembly members to be contacted about running for SACUA. Three SACUA members will be elected at a future meeting.