The University Record, July 9, 2001

U-M-Dearborn to begin offering degree in criminal justice this fall

By Terry Gallagher

The U-M-Dearborn will offer a bachelor of arts degree in criminal justice beginning this fall. The Regents approved the degree program at their June meeting.

“Our interdisciplinary undergraduate program is designed for students interested in law enforcement and related careers who are looking for a broad liberal arts approach,” says Paul Wong, dean of the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters at Dearborn. “The program is intended to produce thoughtful, humane graduates with the technical skills and the social and ethical sensitivity needed to succeed in careers in safety and security, law and paralegal professions, and public administration.”

Donald Anderson, professor of political science and chair of the Department of Social Sciences at Dearborn, will direct the program.

Dearborn faculty members developed the new degree in cooperation with the criminal justice faculty at Henry Ford Community College. Donald Levin, professor of sociology at Dearborn, worked with Herbert Schroeder, director of Henry Ford’s criminal justice program, to devise many of the program’s features.

“We are building on their program with courses already being offered by our faculty,” Anderson says. “Our curriculum includes strong liberal arts programs in various disciplines that would be useful to professionals in the criminal justice field, especially for those who are seeking leadership positions.”

Courses will cover such topics as social issues, ethics, human behavior, political analysis and statistics. Students will be required to complete an internship unless they already have comparable experience in the criminal justice field. Internships will be offered in government, human service and welfare agencies.