The University Record, July 9, 2001

Sub team victorious

By Neal Lao
College of Engineering

Engineering students propelled themselves to victory in a human-powered submarine competition. The U-M team took first place among two-person submarines in the sixth International Submarine Races (ISR), held in June at the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center. The team also received third place for innovation in the design of their submarine, dubbed Neptune.

Sixteen teams participated in the competition, which was created by the Foundation for Underwater Research and Education and sponsored by the U.S. Navy. The submarines raced underwater along a 100-meter course in a 3,200-foot-long tank used to test ships and hulls.

Neptune is the University’s third human-powered submarine since 1996. Sixteen feet long and featuring counter-rotating propellers, Neptune weighs about 200 pounds dry or 3,500 pounds wet.