The University Record, July 9, 2001

Regents hear report from faculty panel

By Theresa Maddix

At the June Regents meeting, Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty (CESF) Chair Varsha Mehta summarized the committee has focused on for the past year. Steven Myers, CESF chair for U-M-Flint, spoke briefly about the salary status of the Flint faculty.

Mehta, clinical associate professor of pharmacy, addressed faculty compensation, health care benefits, tuition savings programs, salary equity analysis, governance rights for nontenured faculty, and recruitment and retention.

“On behalf of the committee,” Mehta said, “I would like to thank the provost’s office for supporting the salary compensation guidelines. CESF looks forward to working with the administration in the implementation and utilization of these guidelines.”

The Provost’s Salary Compensation Guidelines Study Committee recommendations incorporated CESF guidelines.

“There was some concern among faculty due to the increased copays and costs shifting to faculty as a result of the increased copays for prescription drugs,” Mehta said. “The committee has decided to continue to monitor this change closely.”

Responding to requests from CESF, the Benefits Office will provide faculty with more information on the Michigan Education Savings Program and the Michigan Education Trust to help faculty provide for their children’s higher education.

CESF is working with data from the Office of Academic Planning and Analysis and the Office of Human Resources on base salary and supplemental salary payments by faculty rank and school. It expects to have a report of the data analysis by June 2002, Mehta said.

Myers narrowed the U-M-Flint CESF issues to one: faculty salary compression. “The bottom line is things are better than we thought they might be, but the overall picture could be more rosy on the Flint campus,” Myers said. Using graphs, he demonstrated that if yearly faculty raises remain at or near the inflation rate, faculty salaries will become flat between the ranks of assistant, associate and full professor, regardless of years of service.