The University Record, June 4, 2001

Career development funding awarded

By Pamela A. Raymond
Office of the Provost

Twenty faculty members have received Faculty Career Development Fund awards in a competition held this spring.

The fund provides discretionary accounts of $5,000. The program is designed to recognize instructional-track faculty who devote an exceptional amount of time and effort to mentoring and service. The funds may be used to support graduate students, travel, books, computers or other discretionary purchases relating to scholarship, research or creative activity.

Applicants were selected based on their scholarly and service records and the impact of their mentoring and service activities on the University community, their professional community and the public.

Award recipients are:

  • Edward Chang, assistant professor of psychology;

  • Alice E. Davis, assistant professor of nursing;

  • Samuel David Epstein, associate professor of linguistics;

  • Walter Everett, associate professor of music (music theory);

  • Bruno Giordani, associate professor of psychology;

  • Deborah L. Gumucio, associate professor of cell and developmental biology;

  • Margaret R. Gyetko, associate professor of internal medicine;

  • Alejandro Herrero-Olaizola, assistant professor of Spanish;

  • Freda Herseth, associate professor of music (voice);

  • Ella R. Kazerooni, associate professor of radiology;

  • Shirley A. Lockery, associate professor of social work;

  • Karin Muraszko, associate professor of surgery;

  • Jana Nidiffer, assistant professor of education;

  • Brian Porter, associate professor of history;

  • Robin Queen, assistant professor of Germanic languages and literatures, and of linguistics;

  • Robert H. Sharf, associate professor of Buddhist studies;

  • Lucia Suarez, assistant professor of Spanish;

  • Linda L. Tesar, associate professor of economics;

  • Thelma Thomas, associate professor of history of art;

  • Deborah Walker, assistant professor of nursing.