The University Record, March 26, 2001

Photo story: African art exhibition opens April 5

A new exhibition, ‘African Art of Dual Worlds,’ opens April 5 in the Museum of Art’s Curtis Gallery. Curated by postdoctoral fellow Dana Rush and the nine students in her ‘African Art in the West’ seminar, the exhibition offers an introduction to the material and spiritual representations within African art. Elaborate hats, hair ornaments, sculpted stools, carved drums, containers, cups and dolls are included in the material, or ‘seen,’ section of the exhibition. Closely tied to social position and prestige, these items are drawn from many African cultures. Masks, and healing and divination objects are included in the section devoted to the spiritual, or ‘unseen,’ world.

The Malian, Dogon Kanaga mask at right is carved wood with indigo paint, string and leather.

Photo courtesy Museum of Art