The University Record, May 21, 2001

Robinson recommended for registrar

By Mary Jo Frank
Office of the Vice President for Communications

Registering for classes, monitoring academic progress and even ordering transcripts has become easier and faster for students, thanks to advances in information technology that have transformed the Office of the Registrar in recent years, explains Paul A. Robinson, who is being recommended as the University’s new registrar.

“The commitment of the registrar’s office to leverage available technology to improve services has benefited students, faculty and staff. The recent successful implementation of the M-Pathways student system positions us to make even more substantial progress in the future. For example, transcript orders are free of charge, and students can order them from anywhere in the world using the Web through Wolverine Access. All they need is their uniqname and University/Kerberos password. This is an excellent example of how technology is augmenting our delivery of services,” Robinson says.

“We continue to make improvements in the area of data delivery by working closely with the schools and colleges.”

Robinson’s appointment, pending formal approval by the Regents at their next meeting, is effective July 1. He currently serves as associate registrar.

In recommending his appointment, Provost Nancy Cantor notes that as associate registrar, Robinson manages a staff of 39 and a budget of $2.5 million. He oversees the units of Degree Audit, Records and Enrollment, Student Services, Scheduling, and Transcripts, and is responsible for training faculty and staff on the use of student systems and data. He assisted with the conversion of University student records into the PeopleSoft system.

“While Mr. Robinson’s extensive experience at three universities and his strong system skills are important preparation for his new role, his ability to work with people of all levels of understanding and responsibility is equally valuable,” says Lester P. Monts, senior vice provost for academic affairs. “He is known for building consensus and for establishing strong working relationships with other offices and academic units.”

Robinson, who joined the U-M in March 1999 as assistant registrar, received his B.A. degree in 1981 and his M.P.A. degree with a concentration in information systems in 1994, both from Wayne State University.

He worked at the University of Detroit computing center and then at Wayne State for 10 years before joining the U-M.