The University Record, November 6, 2000

M-Works/O’Neal assess Argus Building

By Diane Brown
Facilities and Operations

Employees of the Center for Information Technology Integration, housed at 519 W. William (a portion of the Argus I building), recently requested an analysis of the building to determine if some of their recent illnesses could be connected with their work environment.

The employees were referred to MWorks Occupational Health Clinic for documentation of their illnesses. Occupational Safety and Environmental Health (OSEH) staff and MWorks physicians began advising the unit and helping the building landlord, O’Neal Construction, with assessment processes. Recent leaks were fixed, and water-damaged ceiling tiles, drywall and insulation were removed. The landlord also retained an environmental consultant to complete an indoor air quality assessment.

The results of the assessment revealed there were no abnormal airborne contaminants. Mold readings inside were significantly lower than from the air outside the building. The landlord is working with the consultant to prioritize additional remediation steps to remove mold found on any surfaces.

Right now, molds are more prominent in many buildings and outdoor areas due to recent weather conditions. Additionally, individuals have different levels of sensitivities to molds, and molds might trigger allergic-type reactions in some individuals.

OSEH staff, (734) 647-1143, are available to address questions or concerns about health-related issues in the workplace.