The University Record

October 30, 2000
Volume 56, Number 9

Frightfully good show!
Arthur Miller: ‘Can’t make people see unless they feel’
Bollinger reviews past year, looks at U’s connectivity
U-M unveils Ameritech-funded projects
Prescription Drug Work Group 2002 to hold focus groups and hearings
Tips for parents of goblins and ghosts
Copyright, fair use are misunderstood, Kornfield says
Arfa receives Neubacher Award
Social Work focuses on advancing social change
Lane Hall ‘rich in history, makes a statement’ for women
WUOM tops previous record
Photo story: BIOMED EXPO drew entrepreneurs
Photo story: Phoenix Lab to be honored
Photo story: ‘Hair jewelry’ provides unique display
For the record . . .
Happy trails to Becky Doyle
Job Postings