The University Record, September 11, 2000

Dearborn School of Education lowers graduate tuition

Tuition for graduate programs in the U-M-Dearborn School of Education has been reduced by 23.1 percent this fall. In the rates approved by the Regents at their July meeting, tuition for full-time graduate students in the School of Education who are Michigan residents will be $1,756.50 this fall, down from $2,284.15 last year.

For other programs at the Dearborn campus, tuition rates rose an average of 3 percent, approximately the rate of inflation in Michigan.

“This reduction in tuition for graduate education courses reflects our commitment to K–12 education and our determination to contribute to educational excellence among the teachers and students in this region,” says John Poster, dean of Dearborn’s School of Education.

In most school districts, teachers are encouraged to earn master’s degrees, and can increase their salaries by completing certain graduate programs. At Dearborn, graduate programs in the School of Education include a master of arts in education degree, with “endorsements” in specific disciplines, as well as a master of education in special education degree for teachers working with students with emotional impairments or learning disabilities. In addition, the School offers programs designed to help “career-changers” who already have bachelor’s degrees enter the teaching profession through a master’s degree program that includes teacher certification.