The University Record, September 25, 2000

Care Choices Drops Senior Plan for 2001

Care Choices has this week informed the University that it is withdrawing from the Medicare + Choice market. This means the Care Choices U-M Group Senior Plan option will not be available to U-M retirees beginning Jan. 1, 2001. Care Choices will continue offering its regular HMO plan for U-M faculty and staff, and for retirees of any age for 2001.

Current participants in the Care Choices U-M Group Senior Plan will be able to select an alternate health plan for 2001 during Open Enrollment. The Benefits Office is currently revising Open Enrollment materials for retirees. Revised retiree Open Enrollment materials will clarify the health plan options available for 2001, the costs and how to make a plan change. The Open Enrollment period is Oct. 9–27, and the Adjustment Period is Nov. 6–22.

Care Choices will notify all current U-M participants in the Group Senior Plan of the reason for this change. Questions about Care Choices’ decision to withdraw its Senior Plan can be directed to Care Choices at (888) 333-3207 (toll-free).

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