The University Record, April 8, 2002

LS&A Meeting Roundup

By Martin May

LS&A Dean Shirley Neuman announced two recipients of the $25,000 Departmental Award for Contributions to the Undergraduate Initiative, the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, and the Program in Film and Video Studies.

In announcing the awards, Neuman said both departments are to be commended for the enhancements each has made to its curriculum, for their efforts in improving undergraduate education and for the international perspective they both possess.

In accepting the award for Asian Languages and Cultures, department chair William Baxter said, “The faculty and staff of Asian languages and cultures are proud of having turned the department into a full functioning academic unit. We appreciate the recognition this award brings.”

Gaylyn Studlar, director of the Program in Film and Video Studies, accepted the award on behalf of the Program. “I am very grateful that the college has recognized us in this way,” she said.

Funding for the award comes from gifts to LS&A. Departments may use the award money as they see fit.