The University Record, April 15, 2002

Knock, knock . . .

Who’s there?

Chances are you’ve walked past this door many times or may have even crossed over its threshold . . . but do you remember where it’s located? Each week the Record will snap a stoop. See if you can guess where it is.

If you can’t get a handle on its location, check out the answer in the next Record. (Photo by Marcia Ledford, U-M Photo Services)

Answer from April 8 issue

The Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library is the University’s primary research collection for the humanities and social sciences. It contains approximately 2.5 million volumes, including 10,000 journals and periodical subscriptions written in several hundred languages and covering a broad array of subjects. The Graduate Library’s strongest collections include English and French local history; papyrology; history and culture of Germany; classical archaeology; military history; English literature; social and political movements; and area studies encompassing South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Near East and Slavic countries.