The University Record, April 22, 2002

Michigan community scholars encourage volunteer service

By Emily Hebert
University Record Intern

Sherry Margolis accepts a community involvement award
“It’s a job, and some days you feel better about it and some days you don’t,” Sherry Margolis said of her news anchor position at FOX 2 News. “But you can make a difference. It sounds trite, but you really can.” Making a difference on behalf of special education, Margolis recently spoke at the Michigan Community Scholars Program (MCSP) award banquet as the recipient of the First Annual MCSP Community Involvement Award.

After learning of Governor Engler’s proposed legislation to reduce funding and protections for special education, Margolis presented an informative news piece that raised public awareness. Following Margolis’ news coverage and numerous phone calls from her, and other members of the community, the governor eventually rescinded the proposal.

Students (from left) Nathan Suh, Roseanne Magat, Jenny Chang and Megan Maciasz perfom 'Who wants to be a Drug Addict.' (Photos by Emily Hebert)
A residential learning program for first-year students based out of Couzens Hall, the MCSP is a three-year-old program that encourages students to participate actively in community service. This year’s accomplishments include raising more than $5,000 for third world countries and providing a night of free daycare services for U-M parents on North Campus.

In addition to Margolis, the MCSP Drama Troupe also was featured at the banquet, performing skits from their Medicine Show 2002. Encouraging alcohol and drug awareness, the troupe has performed at area elementary schools, including Eberwhite Elementary and Angell Elementary. The “Who Wants To Be A Drug Addict” skit garnered plenty of laughs from Margolis and other guests in attendance.

Margolis said she was impressed by the MCSP Drama Troupe performance and other service activities initiated by the MCSP. Although the MCSP is only a one-year program, Margolis urged students to continue their proactive community involvement. “Take that passion with you into your jobs, your families and your lives,” Margolis said. “You can make a difference.”

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