The University Record, April 22, 2002

Pfizer, Medical center sponsor HOPE

Marc Protske, a ninth grader at Ypsilanti High School, learns about scientific procedures from Bridget Barr, a Pfizer pharmacologist. Protske was among 30 Ypsilanti High School students Pfizer welcomed for a Health Occupations Partners in Education (HOPE) sponsored job-shadowing event April 16.

HOPE is a grant-funded program of the University begun in 1998 and now in its fourth of five years. Job shadowing at medical workplaces like Pfizer and the Medical Center is only one of its many facets—others include after school tutoring and Saturday enrichment programs. Its goal is to expose Ypsilanti students to health and science professions, help them succeed in school and to attract more under-represented students in to science professions. (Photo courtesy of Pfizer Inc.)