The University Record, April 22, 2002

Average U-M faculty salary grew 5.8 percent

By Julie Peterson
Office of the Vice President for Communications

Faculty salary increases at the Ann Arbor campus for 2001–02 averaged 5.8 percent, according to figures from the University’s Salary Record, released April 16.

The median faculty salary increase (the 50th percentile) was 4.0 percent, the 25th percentile was 2.9 percent and the 75th percentile was 6.7 percent. Thus, half of all faculty received an increase between 2.9 and 6.7 percent.

Salary increases for staff at all grades averaged 3.6 percent. The median staff salary increase was 3.0 percent, the 25th percentile was 2.9 percent and the 75th percentile was 4.5 percent. The staff averages include salaries for employees in the U-M Health System and exclude bargained-for employees.

Paul N. Courant, interim provost and executive vice president for academic affairs, noted that last year’s salary increases came at a time when the economy was stronger and the University had enjoyed a period of relatively generous state funding. Because state appropriations will not increase for FY2003, he said, salary increases for the coming year are likely to be lower than in recent years.

“One of our highest priorities over the past few years has been to concentrate our resources on faculty and staff salaries,” Courant said. “Our most valuable asset at the University has always been the incredibly talented people who work here.

“We have made some headway, with increases for faculty and staff in recent years coming out ahead of the inflation rate. But we face a continuing challenge as a result of the highly competitive labor market for our faculty and staff.

“In two of the last three years our faculty salary increases have been somewhat below the average for all colleges and universities. In this most recent year, we are pleased that we are somewhat above. Looking at the past several years as a whole, with a good deal of effort we have been able to maintain our position in a very difficult competitive environment.”

Merit salary increases for the University’s executive officers averaged 4.5 percent. Merit increases for deans averaged 4.1 percent.

Copies of the complete Salary Record are on reserve at the University Library and also may be purchased from the Human Resources Records and Information Services Dept., Wolverine Tower, 3003 S. State St., Room 4073. Cost is $32, which includes postage, or $26 if picked up. University units may purchase the Salary Record by check or by using a University account.