The University Record, August 12, 2002

U-M Medical School and a Shanghai university collaborate

By Mary Beth Reilly

UMHS Public Relations

Officials at the U-M Medical School and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) plan to establish a new medical college in Shanghai that will be based on international standards, with Chinese characteristics.

SJTU and UMMS expect to form a working committee that will oversee the collaboration, which covers areas such as infrastructure; premedical, basic science and clinical curriculum development; faculty development; student and faculty rotations; and philanthropy.

The working committee and its subcommittees will set goals and timelines for the various areas of collaboration. The agreement covers a period of eight years.

“In addition to the successful cooperation already established between SJTU and U-M in the field of engineering, we are working on a totally new medical school aiming at cultivating academic leaders in the medical field in China. I quite believe that this new medical school in the new age will be a win-win success,” says Prof. Sheng Huanye, vice president of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Faculty and student exchanges and multidisciplinary research programs joining both campuses are among the goals of the partnership.

“This collaboration is a unique opportunity for us to work with a leading university in China to develop a new medical school. We anticipate that both universities, their faculty and students will benefit from this cooperation,” says Dr. James O. Woolliscroft, executive associate dean of UMMS.

SJTU, formerly the Nang Yang Public School, was founded in 1896 and includes many of China’s leaders among its alumni. It has 16 schools, 50 departments and 80 institutes. In addition, the university has 74 masters degree programs and 42 Ph.D. programs. The university will begin enrolling its first medical students in fall 2002.