The University Record, August 12, 2002

Studies Seek Subjects

Overweight women, age 18-50, who are not pregnant or currently dieting are invited to participate in a supervised weight reduction and exercise program. Body composition scans and a one-day catheterization study will be performed in the Clinical Research Center. Compensation is $300. For more information, contact (734) 769-7100, ext. 7245, e-mail,m or visit the Web at and click on the button for “overweight individuals.”

Individuals, age 60-85, who do not have diabetes or high blood pressure are needed for a research study. Participation includes one visit to the Clinical Research Center for noninvasive blood pressure measurements. Compensation of $50 is provided. For more information, call the Research Participation Program of the Geriatrics Center, (734) 936-6073.

Healthy individuals age 18-65 of normal weight or slightly overweight, who have never had gastrointestinal surgery, have no medical problems, and have not been taking medication are needed to participate in a study on nerve damage and constipation in diabetes. Compensation is $75 for each 2-4 hour visit. For more information, call TeleCare, (734) 763-9000, and enter 2202, or (800) 742-2300, #2202.

Individuals age 50 and older with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and who have no significant heart disease in the last six months or complications of diabetes, are needed for a research study. The Division of Cardiology is studying a new combination of drugs that may improve blood pressure control and high cholesterol. For more information, contact Dana Pfenninger, (734) 615-3463.

Healthy, medication-free volunteers, age 18-45, are needed for a research study involving visits to the hospital and blood draws. Compensation is up to $200. For more information, call Amy, (734) 647-8354.

Healthy smokers, age 25-65, are needed for a study. Questionnaires and blood withdrawal are required. Participants will receive $40 upon completion. For more information, call (800) 742-2300, #6308, send e-mail to or visit the Web at