The University Record, December 3, 2001

Policy changes for regular staff

By David Reid
HR Communications

Human Resources has made two important changes affecting regular staff that are effective Jan. 1, 2002.

The Family Care Responsibilities section of SPG 201.11 has been changed. Beginning with the new year, eligible staff may use all of their available short-term sick time to care for a family member who requires preventive medical or dental care, has a disabling physical or mental condition, or is exposed to a contagious disease where quarantine is medically necessary. This change increases the maximum number of short-term sick days approved for family illness responsibilities from six days to 15 days.

For example, an employee who has eight days of short-term sick time available Jan. 1 is eligible to use all eight days for family care responsibilities. The number of days available for family illness responsibilities will increase to 15 on the employee’s short-term sick time renewal date.

This change was issued by Human Resources and the provost and executive vice president for academic affairs. It expands the number of short-term sick days allowed for the care of a staff member’s spouse or same-sex domestic partner, child, sibling, parent, grandparent, or other related individual whose care is the responsibility of the staff member, spouse, or same-sex domestic partner.

This policy applies to all Regular Allied Health, Office, Professional/Administrative, and Technical Staff except individuals in departments covered by Paid Time Off programs and those represented by collective bargaining agreements. Staff in those departments may use time off under the Paid Time Off (PTO) Plan. Staff represented by collective bargaining agreements should consult their labor agreement.

The probationary period in SPG 201.43 for all regular staff also has been changed. The appointments of all regular staff hired after Dec. 31, 2001, will be considered probationary for the first six months of employment. This change will provide greater consistency among all employee groups and will better align the University with common employer practice. Temporary employees continue to be on probationary status for the duration of the appointment. All staff members are eligible to use accrued vacation time immediately.

This policy applies to all regular staff except Instructional, Primary, Librarians, staff with employment contracts, and those represented by a collective bargaining agreement.

Policy-related questions should be directed to Employee Relations at (734) 763-2387. Medical campus staff should contact their Human Resources consultant.