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Holiday decorating safety tips

As the 2002 holiday season approaches, the Department of Public Safety has issued a reminder about fire code requirements and safety tips regarding holiday decorations:

• No real cut trees are to be used as part of an indoor decoration. Real trees may only be used if they are living, potted, maintained in a fresh condition and not allowed to become dry

• Vegetation such as leaves, branches, or plant cuttings cannot be used for decorations in buildings

• Artificial trees and decorations should be labeled or certified by the manufacturer as being "flame retardant" or "flame resistant"

• Decorations should not be arranged so they obstruct the view of corridors or exits

• Decorations may not be hung or suspended from automatic sprinkler system branch lines or pipes

• Only UL listed electrical lights and wiring shall be used on trees and other decorations

• Electrical lights should not be used on metal artificial trees

• Electrical cords must not be laid or taped across floors

• All electrical decorations should be unplugged at the end of each day

• Candle-type luminaries are not to be used indoors

For more information, call (734) 763-3434.

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