The University Record, December 10, 2001

Seeing the forest for the trees

Students in Burton V. Barnes’ ‘Woody Plants’ course use Mud Lake Bog near Brighton as a living laboratory for tree identification. A field trip lover’s dream, students must first traverse a swamp full of poison sumac to reach the open bog. Prof. Barnes’ course is a favorite with not only School of Natural Resources and Environment students, but with students throughout the University. Top, from left are Lena VanHaren, Kristine Crous, Nicole Tuttle, Andrea Walter, Kristen Rosella, Retika Rajbhandari and Ephraim Zimmermann. Bottom left, from left, are Jason Roth and Pat McCullough. Bottom right is Maynard Phelps.

Ephraim Zimmerman, graduate student instructor (top at right), led the expedition. (Photos by Bill Wood, U-M Photo Services)