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U-M Press releases new catalog, including books from U-M authors

The University of Michigan Press catalog of books for spring includes some by U-M authors and topics ranging from political profiles to the "branding" of universities through athletic programs.

Elizabeth Goodenough's "Secret Spaces of Childhood" is described in the catalog as opening "a wonderful window on the world of the young." Goodenough is a lecturer in comparative literature at the Residential College.

John Knott's "Imagining Wild America" focuses on works by John James Audubon, Henry David Thoreau, John Muir and others as writers who illustrate different dimensions of the American fascination with wild nature. Knott is a professor of English.

Books by non-U-M authors include Stephen Chan's "Robert Mugabe: A Life of Power and Violence," touted in the catalog as an "insightful biography of Zimbabwe's firstand onlypresident, which tells of his fateful path from revolutionary patriot to ruthless dictator." Another book on leaders is Jerrold Post's "The Psychological Assessment of Political Leaders," which contains among its profiles those of Saddam Hussein and Bill Clinton.

In a lighter vein, J. Douglas Toma's "Football U." explores the use of collegiate athletic programs as a tool in "branding" universities and building community spirit and identity on and off campus.

"Open the Door: The Life and Music of Betty Carter" by William Bauer delves into the Michigan native's lifelong influence on the music world as a jazz singer, composer, arranger and teacher. She also is known as having blazed a trail for artists seeking to retain control over their material, finances and creative lives.

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