The University Record, December 17, 2001

New snow emergency parking restrictions

By James Kosteva
Office of Government Relations

The City of Ann Arbor has adopted new parking restrictions when a Snow Emergency is declared. Snow parking restrictions require that alternate day parking on all streets is in effect. On odd-numbered dates, vehicles are prohibited from parking on the side of the street with odd street numbers, and on even dates, vehicles are prohibited on the side with even street numbers. These special rules do not permit parking in areas that are normally illegal, such as in front of fire hydrants, in no parking zones, etc.

Vehicles that are not moved per this snow parking restriction directive will be fined $125 and also may be towed. The odd-even parking prohibition does not apply 8 p.m.–midnight, so that vehicles may be positioned to comply with the next day’s prohibition.

For more information regarding snow emergency regulations, call the City’s Snow Desk at (734) 994-2359.