The University Record, February 4, 2002

Knock, Knock . . .

Chances are you’ve passed this door many times or may have even crossed over its threshold . . . but do you remember where it’s located? Each week the Record will snap a stoop. See if you can guess where it is. If you can’t get a handle on its location, check out the answer in the next Record.

(Photos by Bill Wood, U-M Photo Services)

Who’s there?
Answer from Jan. 28 issue

The building from the Jan. 28 issue has been around town. The Nathan Burnham House, built in about 1837 on Wall Street in Ann Arbor, the house was moved in 1998 to its current location at the Washington Heights entrance to Nichols Arboretum. Inside, the James D. Reader, Jr. Urban Environmental Education Center features seasonal exhibits, provides information and is the base for tours and classes.