The University Record, February 4, 2002

Self-serve address changes can be made on Wolverine Access

By Linda Rider
HR Communications

Faculty and staff members can now update their own home address and phone information on the Wolverine Access Web site. Keeping home address and phone numbers current is important for Human Resources mailings such as paychecks, W2 forms and benefits information.

On Wolverine Access, faculty and staff can make changes to address and phone information that are effective today, or they can provide advanced notice of a change by adding a future address. For example, if a faculty member is going on sabbatical or a staff member is planning to move, he or she can enter the new address information and the effective date at any time.

To find and use the address- and phone-related Web pages, follow the navigation steps below:

  • Go to

  • Click on Human Resources

  • Log in using your uniqname and UMICH (Kerberos) password

  • Select Personal Information, Address and Phone Number from the main menu

  • Enter and save the changes.

    Wolverine Access is available 7 a.m.–midnight Monday–Friday; 7 a.m.–7 p.m Saturday; and noon–midnight Sunday.

    There are a few points to keep in mind when using Wolverine Access. Office addresses cannot be updated at this time. Administrative staff cannot update address and phone information on behalf of another person because the system requires individuals to log in using their own uniqname and UMICH (Kerberos) password, and it only displays address and phone data associated with that login information. Also, changes made on Wolverine Access are added to the University’s online directory, but those changes are not immediate.

    Faculty and staff members who also are students can navigate to the address-related pages using either the Student Business or Human Resources button on the Wolverine Access page. Either way, the information will be updated for all U-M business purposes.

    The existing paper form process is still an option. The paper Address/Personal Data form is available from your department administrator or can be downloaded from by clicking on the Forms link.

    Retirees who have a U-M computing account with an active uniqname and UMICH (Kerberos) password also can use Wolverine Access to update their home address and phone information. Those without an active account can continue to use the current paper process.

    Questions about UMICH passwords and computing accounts can be directed to the ITCS Accounts Office at (734) 764-8000.

    More information is located on Wolverine Access in the Frequently Asked Questions and Help sections of the site. Questions also can be directed to the HR/Payroll Service Center at (734) 615-2000 or (866) 647-7657 (toll free).