The University Record, January 14, 2002

Directory supplement to be issued

By David Reid
Human Resources Communications

Human Resources will distribute a supplement in January to its recently-issued faculty and staff directory. The additional piece will list names and contact information of emeritus faculty, and a number of active faculty and staff members who were inadvertantly left out of the “Faculty and Staff Directory 2001–2002.”

The supplement will be distributed throughout the University immediately after printing is completed this month.

The directory is created from information within individual records in the central administrative systems database. Although the database is complete and correct, the process of extracting records from it was flawed. The extraction program was rewritten this year for the new Human Resources Management System.

The problem has been fully identified and is being fixed so individuals and units do not need to report specific names missing from the directory.

The offices that collaborate to produce the annual directory—the Office of Marketing Communications, Human Resources Records and Information Services, and Michigan Administrative Information Services—regret this error and apologize for the inconvenience it causes.