The University Record, January 28, 2002

U-M wins national recycling award

By Diane Brown
Facilities and Operations

Archer (middle) and Schroeder accept the recycling award. (Photo courtesy of Housing Management Systems)
Sarah Archer, U-M’s recycling coordinator, and Jeff Schroeder, coordinator of housing management systems, received the National Recycling Coalition’s (NRC) 2001 Outstanding School Program award Jan. 14 at the Congress and Exposition in Seattle, Washington.

“The NRC Awards Program brings to the national spotlight the commitment, dedication and innovation of individuals, companies and organizations that show great accomplishments in recycling and source reduction,” said Paul Baldridge, president of the NRC, in a written statement.

“We’re very excited to receive this national recognition,” Archer said. “There are many strong recycling programs around the country, and to be recognized as the top school is very rewarding. This award recognizes the increasing breadth of activity that has occurred at the University for the past several decades in many departments, schools,colleges and buildings. So many students, faculty and staff have contributed to our efforts.”

U-M’s award was based on results from fiscal year 2000. More than 3,600 tons of various materials were recycled; more than 5,100 gallons of hazardous fluids were recycled or properly disposed of and more than $1.3 million dollars were generated through the resale operation.