The University Record, January 28, 2002

Knock, knock . . .

Chances are you’ve passed this door or may have even crossed over its threshold . . . but do you remember where it’s located? Each week the “Record” will snap a stoop. See if you can guess where it is. If you can’t get a handle on its location, check out the answer in the next “Record.” (Photos by Bill Wood, U-M Photo Services)

Who’s there?

Answer from Jan. 21 issue
The Jan. 21 issue featured the doors of the School of Nursing, part of the North Ingalls Building (NIB). Built in 1914, NIB was home of St. Joseph Mercy Hospital until 1977. Now a part of the University it houses, along with the School of Nursing, the Medical Campus Human Resources Department, posting boards for University employment opportunities, the Children’s Center and many other departments.