The University Record, July 1, 2002

Girls figure math into summer equation

Go figure! Several incoming seventh grade girls gave up two weeks of summer vacation to participate in ‘Using Math: Girls Investigate Real Life,’ better known as UM-Girl. Students build their confidence and performance in math and science through real world applications and plenty of hands-on fun.

Pictured at left: Steffen Heise offers a tour of the Media Union CAVE where visitors are asked to remove their shoes. Students (from left) are Leijah Petelka, Desiree Sailor, Alexandra Leandre, Coordinator Kate Fiori and Alexandrea Alexander.

Pictured at top right: Alexander creates a personal Powerpoint page with image and individual statistics. At bottom right: Fiori observes as Petelka and Leandre prepare their Web pages. Hope Martin (back) looks on. (Photos by Paul Jaronski, U-M Photo Services)