The University Record, July 1, 2002

Additional leadership for regents identified under new structure

By Laurel Thomas Gnagey

Fischer Newman
Four months after voting to change their bylaws to allow for a new governance structure, members of the Board of Regents on June 20 elected Andrea Fischer Newman as vice chair and assigned members to two committees.

Changes made to the Regents Bylaws Feb. 14 established a chair and vice chair, two standing committees and the opportunity for other special committees. Regent Laurence Deitch was elected chair immediately after the bylaw revisions were approved, but a decision on naming a vice chair was delayed, primarily because of the regents’ active involvement as the presidential search committee.

Fischer Newman, a Republican from Ann Arbor who is senior vice president of government affairs at Northwest Airlines, said she was “very pleased to be asked and pleasantly surprised” at being elected to the position. “ I am honored to have been asked to serve as vice chair and look forward to working with my colleagues.” She said her new role will be one of “supporting the board chair and assisting other regents as needed.”

After nominating Fischer Newman, and the unanimous approval of her new role, Deitch named Regents David Brandon, Rebecca McGowan and S. Martin Taylor to the Finance, Audit and Investment Committee, which will focus on the University’s internal controls and financial reporting, and investment policies and practices. Brandon will chair the group.

Regents Olivia Maynard, Daniel Horning and Katherine White will serve on the Compensation and Personnel Committee, which will assist the board in evaluating the performance of and determining the appropriate compensation level for the president, and will advise the president on the performance of and compensation for executive officers. Maynard will serve as chair.

Deitch said the committees will begin working almost immediately with new President Mary Sue Coleman, who is scheduled to be on campus Aug. 1.

“They will come out of the blocks in the fall with an orderly process that uses everyone’s skill in the most effective way,” said Deitch.