The University Record, July 22, 2002

U Library to implement computing changes

By Wanda Monroe
University Library

Over the next few weeks, the University Library, in coordination with the Office of the Provost, is planning to implement two important changes to its computing environment.

The first change will require users to log in when using a library computer. This change in authentication process will allow those who sign on with their University uniqnames and Kerberos passwords full access to the Internet and licensed library resources. Users also may choose to sign on as a guest, which will allow access to library resources and the Internet. Guests will have limited Telnet access and no access to anonymous e-mail sites. Patrons visiting the library from the broader community will use the guest login.

“In the past, any person using the computers at the library could access the Internet and the many thousands of electronic resources provided for their research,” says William A. Gosling, director of the University Library. “With the growth of computing over the past few years, we have experienced incidents of abusive use of the library’s equipment to send hate mail and other serious threats through anonymous e-mail. To decrease security risks of anonymous access to the University’s network, we will begin to ask patrons to authenticate.”

The second change planned for implementation this summer is a change to the library’s printing service. The library will join the rest of the University’s public computing areas in implementing printing charges that may be applied to the Basic Computing Package (BCP). The BCP is available to all University students, faculty and staff, and currently provides 400 pages of printing per term. After users have reached their printing allocation, they may purchase additional printing at $ 0.05 per printed side of the page. Students will have the charges billed directly to their University student account, the same account through which tuition and other fees are billed. Charges will appear on the statement as “additional computing services.”

Additional services for eligible faculty and staff can be paid for via University accounts. Temporary staff (who are not students), visiting fellows and other guests of the University should talk to their departmental administrator about making arrangements for the computing services they need. U-M users also may print library resources on their home or office printers free of charge. Library guests will be charged $0.05 per printed side of the page from library printers.

“The library has been providing printing at no charge to the University community and to the general public from its public printers,” says James Hilton, associate provost for academic information and instructional technology affairs. “Because of the dramatic increase in the volume of printing seen in the past few years, the cost of this service has risen to a point where the library and the University can no longer absorb the expense.” Last year, over 6.25 million pages were printed from library public printers.

All U-M faculty, staff and students are eligible for a U-M uniqname and Kerberos password. Questions about uniqnames, passwords or the Basic Computing Package should be directed to the Information Technology Central Services Accounts Office, (734) 764-8000, or More information on the Basic Computing Package can be found at