The University Record, July 22, 2002

For the record . . .

From the June Regents’ Roundup: The preponderence of the outpatient program for the Child and Adolescent Division will move temporarily to the Commonwealth Building in late 2002 or early 2003. However, the inpatient and consultation/liaison programs for the Child and Adolescent Division will be consolidated on the sixth floor of the Maternal and Child Health Center (MCHC 6). Some outpatient services will also continue to be provided on MCHC 6.

From the July 1 article “Religious studies program reborn”: The LS&A Religious Studies program will have three postdoctoral fellowships to be filled in consecutive years. The Religious Studies Fellows will be affiliated with departments based on their disciplinary training and interests. In addition, LS&A approved six new faculty positions. They are not postdoctoral fellowships, but rather tenure-track lines. These two elements of the program were conflated in the paragraph that began: “The fellowship positions and the corresponding departmental affiliations . . .”