The University Record, March 4, 2002

Flint public TV will present town hall

From U-M Flint Public Relations

U-M Public Television (UMPTV) is launching The Flint Project, a programming effort focusing on Flint through public affairs and news reporting.

Located on the Flint campus, UMPTV will create a reporting team to cover the community and reflect its diversity through “in depth, strong, and risk-taking journalism about the pressing issues facing Flint today,” says Juan Mestas, chancellor of U-M–Flint.

“The project team will work closely with Michigan Radio reporters assigned to cover the arts, culture, health, and education to present a well-rounded picture of the community,” he says.

In its first year, the team will produce four documentaries and eight short features.

An annual televised Town Hall meeting to stimulate community dialogue is planned. The Town Hall will take place in local community venues and focus on the issues covered by the Flint Project during the year, says Vice President for Communications Lisa Rudgers.

The first documentary addressed Flint’s mayoral recall, which goes to Flint voters March 5. UMPTV aired the documentary Feb. 28.

The Flint Project is receiving $50,000 from the

U-M–Flint and the U-M–Ann Arbor to launch the project.

“Because Flint provides a microcosmic view of challenges that face much of the country, these programs may have national significance,” says Ronald Silverman, chair of the UMPTV Community Advisory Board.

“Television is an instrument for effective communication,” Silverman says. “It can provide consistent, unbiased, factual information about what is going on in our community.”

UMPTV is seeking additional support for the project to integrate it into the station’s regular programming plan.

Information about UMPTV programming and activities is available by contacting the station, (810) 762-3028, or on the Web at

UMPTV is WFUM, channel 28 in Flint, channel 3 on Comcast Cable in Flint and channel 26 on Comcast in Ann Arbor.