The University Record, May 20, 2002

Everyone a winner in 2002 Ecolympics

By Judy Steeh
News and Information Services

There were many winners and no real losers in the 2002 Ecolympics, a resource conservation campaign that was conducted in the residence halls January through March, according to Jeffrey Schroeder, coordinator of housing management systems for University Housing.

The campaign focused on conserving electricity and water, improving recycling and reducing waste disposal. The purpose, Schroeder says, was to increase residents’ awareness of environmental issues by managing utility consumption in their own living spaces. When students returned after the holidays they found posters in corridors and waste/recycling closets describing the campaign and giving them statistics for 2001. Updated statistics were provided throughout the contest period.

“It was a great success. Every hall beat last year in at least one category. Stockwell ‘beat itself’ in all four, while Mary Markley and Alice Lloyd both beat last year in three of the four categories,” Schroeder said.

Some of the outstanding results included:

  • Newberry increased recycling more than 82 percent

  • Alice Lloyd reduced water consumption by a whopping 42 percent, while East Quad achieved a 36 percent reduction in the same category

  • Barbour reduced electrical use by 17 percent

  • Fletcher waste was reduced by 55 percent

    At the end of the campaign each hall received a “sustainable meal” as thanks for its participation. The menu included both organic and regional items and provided a definition of organic foods, along with some history of the various regional items.