The University Record, May 20, 2002

From move-out trash to treasure

Piles of leftover yaffa blocks took a long journey during student move-out: (top to bottom) left unwanted at residence hall loading docks; crammed into University vehicles; stacked at the waste management facility; and, finally, into new homes at local nonprofits.

A number of human services organizations benefited from the 9.12 tons of ‘treasures’ left by students moving out of the residence halls. Clothes, shoes, food, toiletries, bedding and other household items were again donated to organizations like Purple Heart, Food Gatherers, Knit Wits, Fairy Godparents and Mott Children’s Hospital. Eyeglasses went to the Lions Clubs, books were donated to the public library, and school supplies were distributed among various nonprofits in the community.

The annual move-out program, designed to find ways to reuse and recycle what students leave behind, captured media attention this year. Recycling Coordinator Sarah Archer spent some time with USA Today Columnist Craig Wilson as he scavenged enough items to furnish an apartment living room. After a photo was taken for the Style section of the newspaper, Wilson gave all the items back to Archer for distribution to charitable groups.