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Albright: 'I am for peace, but I'm not a pacifist'

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, now a distinguished scholar with the William Davidson Institute, greets members of the Tozzi family (see related story, p. 20) before giving the keynote lecture Oct. 25 at the Annual Business Conference, part of Reunion 2002 at the Business School. Albright—shown here with Kathleen Splaine-Dolan, wife of Business School Dean Robert Dolan—spoke to a crowd of about 400, discussing international policy and America’s role in it. “I am for peace, but I’m not a pacifist,” she said, adding that sometimes the United States must fight for what it believes in. Still, she is reluctant about going to war in Iraq. Albright said President Bush has painted a convincing picture of why the United States should try to overthrow Saddam Hussein. But she said she doesn’t understand his reasoning for initiating another conflict while the war on terrorism is ongoing, nor does she think the administration has thought through to a peace plan that would follow its war plan in Iraq. In a conversation with reporters after her lecture, Albright voiced her support for open debate of such policy concerns, calling it a vital part of the democratic process. “There has been a sense that if you ask questions about foreign policy, it’s unpatriotic,” Albright said. “It’s unpatriotic not to.” (Photo by Martin Vloet,
U-M Photo Services)

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