The University Record, November 12, 2001


The Record Calendar lists events submitted by University- sponsored groups and organizations and student groups recognized by the Michigan Student Assembly. Items must be submitted in writing to The University Record, 412 Maynard St., 1399, by fax (764-7084) or via e-mail, by 5 p.m. Tuesday six,days prior to publication. Asterisk (*) denotes events to which admission is charged.

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    Monday, November 12

    APO—Red Cross Blood Drive (cont. through Nov. 15), 2-8 pm, Mich Union,

    Tuesday, November 13

    Hlth System—Red Cross Blood Drive, 7 am-7 pm, Towsley Ctr,

    Hillel—Parsha & Pizza, 6-7:15 pm, 769-0500.

    Wednesday, November 14

    Hlth System—Red Cross Blood Drive, 7 am-7 pm, Towsley Ctr,

    Dearborn Stdt Board—Novelty: One Hit Wonder, 9 am, Dearborn ROC, (313) 593-5668.

    Friday, November 16

    *Turner Geriatric Clinic—Flu Vaccine Clinic, 3-7 pm, 229 Chapin St, New Hope Outreach Clinic, 764-2556.

    Hillel—Greek Shabbat (res req), 4:55 pm; Kosher Sex, 8 pm; 769-0500.

    Saturday, November 17

    Exhibit Mus—*Planetarium Show: Autumn Stars, 11:30 am, 1:30 & 3:30 pm; *Planetarium Show: Sky Legends of the Three Fires, 12:30 & 2:30 pm; Free Dinosaur Tours (res req), 2 pm; 763-4191.

    Sunday, November 18

    Exhibit Mus—Native American Heritage Month Celebration, noon-4:30 pm; *Planetarium Show: Autumn Stars, 1:30 & 3:30 pm; *Planetarium Show: Sky Legends of the Three Fires, 2:30 pm, 763-4191.

    Nichols Arboretum—Docent-guided Tour: Everlasting Evergreens, 2 pm, Reader Center, 998-9541.

    Hillel—Ahava Sunday Potluck Brunch, noon; *Israeli Dancing, 7:30-9:30 pm; 769-0500.

    Tuesday, November 20

    Hillel—Parsha & Pizza, 6-7:15 pm; Study Session, 7:30 pm; 769-0500.

    Arts and Entertainment

    Monday, November 12

    Pierpont Comm—Jazz Jam, 8-10 pm, Leonardo’s, 647-6838.

    Sch Mus—Univ Philharmonia Orchestra, 8 pm, Hill Aud, 764-0583.

    Tuesday, November 13

    LS&A—Jazzistry (res req), 7 pm, Perfomance Network, 663-0681.

    Mich League/Zeta Sigma Chi—Program Connection Movie & Dialogue: Color of Fear, 7 pm, League Underground,

    Sch Mus—Trombone Studio Recital: Students of David Jackson, 8 pm, Britton Recital Hall, 764-0583.

    *Univ Mus Soc—Anne-Sophie Mutter & the Trondheim Soloists, 8 pm, Hill Aud, 764-2538.

    Wednesday, November 14

    Mus Art—Art Video: Emile Nolde & Bauhaus: Its Impact on the World of Design, 12:10 pm, 764-0395.

    Pierpont Comm—Music at Midday, 12:30-1:30 pm; Jazz Combos, 8-10 pm, Leonardo’s; 647-6838.

    Dearborn Stdt Board—Movie: America’s Sweethearts, 7 pm, Dearborn ROC, (313) 593-5668.

    Mich League—Movie: Charlie’s Angels, 8 pm, League Underground, 763-4652.

    Sch Mus—Student Harpsichord Concert, 8 pm, Moore Hall; University Chamber Orchestra, 8 pm, Hill Aud, 764-0583.

    Thursday, November 15

    Hlth System—Medici String Quartet, 12:10 pm, Main Lobby, Univ Hosp, 936-ARTS (2787); *Medici String Quartet, 8 pm, Kerrytown Concert House, 769-2999.

    Pierpont Comm—Music at Midday, 12:30-1:30 pm, Leonardo’s; Film/Culture Series, 7 pm, Atrium, 647-6838.

    LS&A—Film Series: Come Unto Me: The Faces of Tyree Guyton, 4 pm, Mich Rm, Mich League, 764-7414.

    English Dept—S Dybek, Fiction Reading, 5 pm, Hale Aud, 615-3710.

    Mus Art—Guided Tour: Donald Sultan’s Smoke Rings, 6:30 pm, 764-0395.

    Dearborn Stdt Board—Movie: America’s Sweethearts, 7 pm, Dearborn ROC, (313) 593-5668.

    Sch Mus— *The Secret Rapture, 8 pm, Mendelssohn Theatre, 763-4726; Campus Philharmonia Orchestra, 8 pm, McIntosh Theatre, 763-4726;

    *BFA/BDA Arts 1 Performance, 8 pm, Pease Studio Theatre, 763-4726.

    Mich League—Poetry Reading, 8:30 pm, League Underground,

    Friday, November 16

    Sch Art—Reception: Close Listening, 6-9 pm, Slusser Gallery, Art & Arch Bldg, 763-4417.

    Ctr Japanese Stds—Film: Insect Woman, 7 pm, Lorch Hall Aud, 764-6307.

    Ctr Chinese Stds—Film: Murmur of Youth, 8 pm, Aud A, Angell Hall, 764-6308.

    Sch Mus— *The Secret Rapture, 8 pm, Mendelssohn Theatre, 763-4726;

    *BFA/BDA 1 Performance, 8 pm, Pease Studio Theatre, 763-4726.

    Mich League—The Best of Acoustic Folk with Jennifer Erb, Joseph Mancuso & Liz Momblanco, 8:30 pm, League Underground,

    Saturday, November 17

    *Mus Art—Museum Day: Museum of African American History (reg req), 764-0395.

    Sch Mus—Guest Recital: Junction, 5:30 pm, Britton Recital Hall; Organ Studio Recital: Graduate Student Organists, 8 pm, Moore Hall, 763-4726; *BFA/BDA 1 Performance, 8 pm, Pease Studio Theatre, 763-4726; *The Secret Rapture, 8 pm, Mendelssohn Theatre, 763-4726; Digital Music Ensemble, 8 pm, McIntosh Theatre, 764-0583.

    *Canterbury House—Weave: A Sound Painting Ensemble, 8 pm, 721 E Huron, 665-0606.

    *Univ Mus Soc—Sweet Honey in the Rock, 8 pm, Hill Aud, 764-2538.

    Mich League—Saturday Broadway: An Evening of Standards, 8:30 pm, League Underground, 763-4652.

    Sunday, November 18

    Sch Mus— *The Secret Rapture, 2 pm, Mendelssohn Theatre, 763-4726; Digital Music Ensemble, 2 pm, McIntosh Theatre, 764-0583; Michigan Youth Jazz Ensemble, 8 pm, Britton Recital Hall, 763-4726.

    Mus Art—Shakuhachi Flute Concerts, 2 pm; Tea Ceremony Demo, 3 pm, Japanese Gallery; 764-0395.

    Pierpont Comm—Evil Jazz Quintet, 5-7 pm, Leonardo’s, 647-6838.

    Monday, November 19

    Sch Mus—Guest Recital: Richard Illman, Trumpet, 4:30 pm, Britton Recital Hall; Michigan Youth Ensembles, 7 pm, Hill Aud; 763-4726.

    Pierpont Comm—Jazz Jam, 8-10 pm, Leonardo’s, 647-6838.

    Tuesday, November 20

    Pierpont Comm—Open Mic Night, 8-10 pm, Leonardo’s, 647-6838.

    Sch Mus—Campus Symphony, 8 pm, Hill Aud, 763-4726.

    *Univ Mus Soc—Andreas Scholl: A Musical Banquet, 8 pm, Mendelssohn Theatre, 764-2538.

    Wednesday, November 21

    Mus Art—Art Video: Picasso, 12:10 pm, Media Rm, 764-0395.

    Pierpont Comm—Music at Midday, 12:30-1:30 pm, Leonardo’s, 647-6838.

    Dearborn Stdt Board—Movie: The Fast & the Furious, 7 pm, Dearborn ROC, (313) 593-5668.

    (734) 764-7410, reg req
    2030 Administrative Services Bldg

    Tuesday, November 13

    *Foundations of Supervision Prgm, 8:30 am-4 pm.

    Wednesday, November 14

    *Budgeting for Retirement, 8 am-noon.

    *Performance Planning, 8:30 am-noon.

    Thursday, November 15

    *Planning & Conducting a Successful Hiring Process, 8:30 am-noon.

    *Self-Understanding for Better Communication: A New Model for Success, 1-5 pm.

    Friday, November 16

    *Estate Planning, 8:30-11:30 am.

    Tuesday, November 20

    *Foundations of Supervision Prgm, 8:30 am-4 pm.

    IT Education Svcs,
    (734) 763-3700, reg req
    Most workshops in Campus Safety Services Bldg (CSSB)

    Monday, November 12

    *HTML Author Intro, 8:30 am-12:30 pm, Rm 2074, CSSB.

    Tuesday, November 13

    *Fireworks Intro, 9 am-noon, Rm 2074, CSSB.

    *Word III, 9 am-noon, Rm 2074, CSSB.

    *Relational Database Design, 1-5 pm, N13F30 NIB.

    Wednesday, November 14

    *Dreamweaver V, 9-11 am, Rm 2074, CSSB.

    *Publisher, 9 am-noon, N13F30 NIB.

    Thursday, November 15

    *PowerPoint, 8:30 am-12:30 pm, Rm 2074, CSSB.

    *GoLive Intro, 9 am-noon, Rm 2078, CSSB.

    *Access Intro, 1-5 pm, Rm 2074, CSSB.

    *HTML CGIs & Forms, 1-5 pm, NI3F30 NIB.

    Friday, November 16

    *DreamWeaver III, 8:30-10:30 am, Rm 2074, CSSB.

    *Excel VBA I, 1-4 pm, Rm 2074, CSSB.

    Monday, November 19

    *Get Started with Web Publishing, 9 am-noon, NI3F30 NIB.

    Tuesday, November 20

    *FileMaker Pro III, 8:30 am-12:30 pm, Rm 2074, CSSB.

    *Project Mgmt Principles (part A1), 8:30 am-4:30 pm, NI3F30 NIB.

    *Excel I, 1-4 pm, Rm 2074, CSSB.

    Wednesday, November 21

    *Project Mgmt Principles (part A2), 8:30 am-4:30 pm, NI3F30 NIB.

    *DreamWeaver Nav Bars, Table Data & Searches, 9-11 am, Rm 2074, CSSB.


    Monday, November 12

    Sch Art—Wendy Brawer on Sustainable Design, 12:30-1:30 pm, Aud, Art & Arch Bldg, 763-4417.

    Prgm on Sci, Tech & Society—F Buttel, Why the Future of ‘Biotechnology’ May Have Little to Do with the Fate of GMOs, 1 pm, Rm 1636, Intl Inst,

    SNRE—M Bowman, Rivers Unplugged: River Restoration Through Dam Removal, 1-2:30 pm, Koessler Rm, Mich League, 615-6431.

    Epidemiol Dept—M Marmot, Thomas Francis Jr Memorial Lecture, 4 pm, Bldg II, Sch Pub Hlth, 764-5435.

    Tuesday, November 13

    Physiol Dept—A Dunaif, From the Ovary to the Pancreas: What Every Pediatrician Should Know About Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, 8 am, F2305 MCHC Aud, 647-0276; S Sokol, Wnt Signaling Pathways in Vertebrate Development, noon, 5330 Med Sci I,

    *Geriatrics Ctr—P Grumman, A Journey to True North, 10-11:30 am, Kellogg Eye Ctr Aud, 988-9353.

    AAUP—Who Grades Students: Are Current Practices Best Practices? noon, Henderson Rm, Mich League,

    Chinese Stds—R Yates, Heaven, Earth & Man: Warfare in China to 1644, noon, Rm 1636, Intl Inst, 764-6308.

    Frankel Ctr Judaic Stds—D Penslar, Broadcasting the Nation: Radio & the Shaping of Modern Israel, noon, 3050 Frieze Bldg; D Penslar, Zionism, Colonialism & Post-Colonialism, 4 pm, 2011 MLB; 763-9047.

    Inst Humanities—C Brown, This Loved Philology, noon-1:30 pm, Vandenberg Rm, Mich League, 936-1930.

    LACS—J Amador, On the Threshold of the Nation: US Imperialism, Nationalist Physicians & the Normative Family in Cuba, 1898-1902, noon-1 pm, Rm 2609, Intl Inst, 763-0553.

    Rackham Grad Sch—E Ayers, D’Arms Faculty Awards for Distinguished Graduate Mentoring in the Humanities & Graduate Student Instructor Awards Ceremony, 2:30 pm, Koessler Lib, Mich League, 647-4566.

    OVPR—B Gillespie/E Rothman, Responsible Data Management, 5-7 pm, Aud F2305, MCHC, 763-1289.

    SAPAC—R Morgan, Sisterhood is Global: The New International Women’s Movement, 7-9:30 pm, Aud B, Angell Hall, 998-9368.

    U-M Detroit Observatory—E Voss, 19th Century Plant Collectors in Michigan: Physicians as Botanists, 7 pm, 1398 E Ann St, 763-2230.

    Wednesday, November 14

    Psych Dept—C Lord, 5th Annual Max L Hutt Lecture, 10:30 am-noon, Aud F2305, MCHC, 936-5891.

    *Margaret Waterman Alumnae Grp—T Squitieri, Town Hall Celebrity Lecture & Luncheon Series: Journalism, 11:30 am, Mich League Ballroom, 761-1360.

    CREES/History Dept—M Krom, Russian History in Anthropological Perspective, noon, Rm 1636, Intl Inst, 764-0351.

    Pharmacol Dept—M Nader, PET Imaging in Nonhuman Primate Models of Cocaine Abuse, noon, 2736 Med Sci II,

    Physiol Dept—A Dunaif, Insulin Resistance & the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Mechanisms & Implications, noon, B1 UH 102, 647-0276; K Gardner, The Biochemistry of p300 Coactivator Complexes in the Activated T-Cell Nucleus, 4 pm, 7745 Med Sci II, 647-2944.

    LS&A—Planning & Detroit: Turning it Around, 3-5 pm, Pond Rm, Mich Union, 764-7414.

    Sub Abuse Rsrch Ctr—W Birdsall, Drugs, Disciplines & the Dilemma of Prohibition, 3-5 pm, Kalamazoo Rm, Mich League, 998-6500.

    Hlth System—P Robertson, Music & the Mind, 4 pm, Fl 2, Rm F2305, MCHC Aud, 936-ARTS (2787).

    LACS—D Frye/E Perez, Roundtable: Challenges in Translation of Latin American Literature, 5-7 pm, Rm 2609, Intl Inst, 763-0553.

    Thursday, November 15

    *Geriatrics Ctr—M Meyerhoff, Modern Chemical & Biochemical Sensor Technology for in Vitro & in Vivo Monitoring of Critical Care Analytes in Whole Blood, 10 am, Kellogg Eye Ctr Aud, 988-9353.

    Ctr Japanese Stds—T Fujitani, The Gendered Bonds of Nation & Empire: Late Colonial Japanese Discourses on Korean Soldiers, Wives, Mothers & Orphans, noon, Rm 1636, Intl Inst, 764-6307.

    LS&A—The Heidelberg Project: Trailblazer Setting New Precedents, 4 pm, Mich Rm, Mich League, 764-7414.

    Saturday, November 17

    Physics Dept—T Eckhause, High Temperature Superconductors, 10:30-11:30 am, Rm 170, Dennison, 764-4437.

    Sunday, November 18

    Psych Dept—E Spindler/A Spindler, Trauma & Its Attempted Mastery: Strange Interlude, 11 am-1 pm, Mich League, (517) 333-9274.

    Sch Mus—R Beene, Harold Haugh Lecture, 3 pm, Britton Recital Hall, 763-4726.

    Life Sci, Values & Society Prgm—W Uhlmann, What Would You Do? Ethically Challenging Cases from a Genetic Clinic, 7:30-8:30 pm, Rm 100, Hutchins Hall,

    Tuesday, November 20

    Ctr Chinese Stds—S Duanmu, Universal Patterns in Language: Hidden Similarities Between Chinese & English, noon, Rm 1636, Intl Inst, 764-6308.

    Inst Humanities—J Porter, Nietzsche & the Future of Philology, noon-1:30 pm, Vandenberg Rm, Mich League, 936-1930.


    Thursday, November 15

    Regents’ Meeting—through 11/16, 1:30 pm, Regents’ Rm, Fleming Bldg, 763-5553.

    Peace Corps—Info Session, 7 pm, Rm 9, Intl Ctr, 647-2182.


    Monday, November 12

    RSP—S Camper, Transcription Factor Regulation is Critical for Pituitary Gonadotrope Development, 12:10 pm, Rm 2736, Med Sci II,

    Law Sch—M Maduro, Europe & the Constitution: What if This Is as Good as It Gets? 4-5:30 pm, Rm 116, Hutchins Hall, 764-0535.

    *Psych Dept—Family Workshop on Depression (reg req), 6-8 pm, E AAHC, 764-0267.

    Tuesday, November 13

    Univ Lib—Resources for Scientific Writing & Publishing (reg req), 10:30 am-noon, LRC 3950, Taubman Med Lib, 763-2037.

    Wednesday, November 14

    Univ Lib—TOXNET (reg req), 1-3 pm, Classroom A, SPH II Computing Site, 763-2037.

    CLRT—What Research Has to Tell Us About Effective College Teaching, 2-4 pm, Koessler Rm, Mich League, 764-0505.

    Sch Soc Wk—Social Work Day, 3-5 pm, 1636, Sch Soc Wk Bldg, 764-3309.

    LACS—D Frye/E Perez, Challenges in Translation of Latin American Literature, 5-7 pm, Rm 2609, Intl Inst, 763-0553.

    Mich League—Wellness Workshop: Stress Mgmt, 6 pm, Henderson Rm,

    *M-Fit Culinary Sch—Modify Your Favorite Recipes with the M-Fit Culinary Team, 6-8 pm, Demo Kitchen, E AAHC, 975-4837.

    CEW—Considering a Career Change to Information Technology? 7-8:30 pm, 330 E Liberty St, 998-7080.

    Thursday, November 15

    RSP—A Dunaif, Current Concepts in the Diagnosis & Mgmt of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, 8 am, Rm F2305, MCHC, 647-0276.

    CEW/Fam Care Res Prgm—J Granholm, How Law & Public Policy Affect Michigan’s Children & Families, 12-1:30 pm, Mich Rm, Mich League, 998-7080.

    LACS—Race, Law & Nation in the Cuban Republic, 1902-1925, 2-6 pm, Rm 2609, Intl Inst, 763-0553.

    Col Pharmacy—J Hines, Antiterminator RNA: A New Frontier for Medicinal Chemistry, 4 pm, 2548 CC Little Bldg, 763-5837.

    Physiol Dept—A Dunaif, Molecular Mechanisms of Insulin Signaling, 4 pm, 7745 Med Sci II, 647-0276.

    Friday, November 16

    Women’s Stds Prgm/IRWG—L Morgan, Occupational Segregation Amongst the College Educated: A Matter of Labor Market Processes or College Major? noon-1:30 pm, Rm 2239, Lane Hall, 647-0774.

    Saturday, November 17

    Ctr Southeast Asian Stds—Conference: Mural as Mirror: Reflections of History & Politics in Buddhist Art (reg req), 8:30 am-4 pm, Hussey Rm, Mich League,

    Monday, November 19

    RSP—J Lukacs, Perimenopausal Effects of Bone Turnover as Measured by Serum Alkaline Phosphatase & a New Assay for Osteocalcin & Under Carboxylated Osteocalcin, 12:10 pm, Rm 2736, Med Sci II,

    Law Sch—M Araya, Challenges for the WTO: Facing Environmental Dilemmas while Bridging North-South Gaps, 4-5:30 pm, Rm 116, Hutchins Hall, 764-0535.

    Tuesday, November 20

    UMTRI—D Eby, Improving Older Driver Decision Making: The Decision Making Workbook, noon-1 pm, McCormich Conf Rm, 2901 Baxter Rd, 936-2070.

    Yost Ice Arena
    *Public Skating, (734) 764-4600

    Noon-12:50 pm Mon-Fri, 8-9:50 pm Thurs, 2-3:50 pm Sat & Sun.

    Regular Meetings

    Alcoholics Anon—Unity AA Group, Mon-Fri, closed discussion, cross-addicts welcome, 12:10 pm, Rm 3100, Mich Union, 332-1247.

    Guild House—Drumming & Meditation, 7-8:15 pm Sun, 802 Monroe, 662-5189.

    Health System Pulmonary Rehab—Ann Arbor Better Breathers, 2-4 pm, 1st Mon, Domino’s Farms EBA Club, 998-8723.

    HIV/AIDS Support Group—5:30-7:30 pm, alternate Thurs, Taubman Ctr, 936-8186 or (888) 224-7939.

    LGBT Affairs—Creative Expressions Group, 1 pm Sat, call for room number, 763-4186.

    Turner Geriatric Clinic—Caring for Your Mate, 2-3:30 pm, 4th Tues, Conf Rm, Cancer & Geriatrics Ctrs Bldg; Caring for Aging Relatives, 2nd Wed, Ste C, Turner Res Ctr, Plymouth Rd; African American Senior History Preservation Group,1:30-3:30 pm, every other Thurs, Sr Res Ctr, 2401 Plymouth Rd; 764-2556.


    Campus Information Centers: Michigan Union & Pierpont Commons; 764-INFO (4636),

    Medicare Assistance Program: 9:30 am-noon Tues; Turner Res Ctr, 2401 Plymouth Rd, Ste C; 764-2556.

    Photo ID: 8:30 am-5 pm Mon-Fri, Entree Plus Ofc, Pierpont Commons, 763-6294; 8 am-5 pm, Mon-Fri, Rm G270, Wolverine Twr, 3003 S State, 763-7671; 8 am-5 pm, Mon-Fri, Rm 100 & Rm 1000, Student Activities Bldg, 763-4632; 7 am-4:30 pm, Mon-Fri, Rm C158, Med Inn Bldg, 936-0100.

    S.A.F.E.WALK: 24 hrs, North/Central campus, 763-9255.


    AFRICAN AMERICAN MUSIC COLLECTION AND NC STANDIFER VIDEO ARCHIVE OF ORAL HISTORY, BLACK AMERICAN MUSICIANS—Includes rare scores, sheet music, photographs, original 78 rpm recordings (now on CD), movie scripts, rare manuscripts and videotaped interviews with historically important Black musicians. Viewing and listening. 101 West Hall, 8:30 am-4 pm Mon-Fri, 764-8338.

    ALFRED BERKOWITZ GALLERY—Through Dec 4: Focus 2000: The Traveling Portfolio, 3rd Fl, Mardigian Lib, U-M Dearborn, (313) 593-5058.

    BENTLEY HISTORICAL LIBRARY—Through Nov 30: Getting Around Detroit: Three Hundred Years of Transportation,1150 Beal, N Campus, 764-7414.

    CARILLON RECITALS—noon-12:30 pm Mon-Fri & 10:15-10:45 am Sat, Burton Memorial Tower; 1-1:30 pm Mon-Fri & 1:15-2 pm Sun, Lurie Tower; 764-2539.

    CTR FOR AFROAMERICAN STDS/ASSOC OF BLACK PROFESSIONALS—Through Nov 17: Between Earth & Sky in Ghana South Africa, Intl Inst Gallery, Sch Soc Work Bldg,

    COMPREHENSIVE CANCER CTR— Through Dec 31: Patients Exhibit Show, Level B1, Cancer Ctr, 764-8492.

    EXHIBIT MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY—Through Nov 30: Karen Anne Klein: Drawings from the Collection; Pterodactyls; Back to the Sea: The Evolution of Whales, Rotunda Lobby; 763-4191.

    GIFTS OF ART—Through Dec 13: Baskets & Handmade Paper by Karen Koykka O’Neal & Pat Jackunas, Fl 1, Taub Lobby S; Ceramics by Kay Yourist, Fl 1, Taub Lobby N; Paper Cutwork by Marie-Helene L Grabman, Fl 1, Taub Lobby S; Hand-painted Photography by Bridgett Ezzard, Fl 2, Main Corridor W, Univ Hosp; Historical Artifacts from the Collection of the U-M Museum of Anthropology, Fl B2 Main Lobby, Cancer/Geriatrics Ctrs; Picture Quilts by Sue Holdaway-Heys, Fl 1, Univ Hosp Lobby; Snowflakes by Thomas Clark, Fl 1, Taub Lobby N; Travel Photography by Doris Kays Kraushaar, Fl 1, Turn Clin Lobby, Cancer/Geriat Ctrs; 936-ARTS (2787).

    HATCHER GRAD LIBRARY—Through Nov 21: Dynamite Voices: The Broadside Press in Detroit, 7th Fl, Special Collections Lib, 764-7414.

    INSTITUTE FOR THE HUMANITIES—Through Dec 1: Fireplaces & Other Pewabic Ornamentation, 2nd Floor, 350 S Thayer, 764-7414.

    KELSEY MUSEUM—Through Dec 23: The Fabric of Everyday Life: Historic Textiles from Karanis, Egypt, 764-9304.

    MEDIA UNION—Through Nov 16: Local Color, Original Artwork by encOmpass, Gallery, 764-5319.

    MICHIGAN LEAGUE BUFFET—Through Nov 30: Pastel Painting by Teresa Freed, 763-4652.

    MICHIGAN UNION— Through Nov 20: Photographs from Bolivia, Art Lounge, 763-3202.

    MUSEUM OF ART—Through Nov 25: Donald Sultan: The Smoke Rings, Apse Gallery, Works on Paper Gallery & Museum Living Rm; Through Jan 6: Japanese Fisherman’s Coats from Awaji Island, W Gallery; Through Jan 27: A Matter of Degree: Abstraction in 20th Century Art, Twentieth-Century Gallery, Ongoing: African Art of Dual Worlds, Curtis Gallery; 764-0395.

    PIERPONT COMMONS—Through Nov 20: Ann Arbor Fiber Arts Guild Exhibit, Wall Gallery; 647-6838.

    RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE—Through Nov 30: Pewabic Pottery, Gallery, 764-7414.

    SCHOOL OF ART—Through Nov 30: Coordinate Transform: A Crying Post Project, Robbins Ctr, Art & Arch Bldg, 936-2082; Nov 17-Dec 16: Close Listening, Slusser Gallery, Art & Arch Bldg, 763-4417.

    TAUBMAN CAUP—Through Nov 15: From the Beginnings, Mitchell Giurgola Architects & MGA Partners, 1958-2000, Rm 2106, Art & Arch Bldg, 763-6518; Nov 19-Dec 19: Chicago + New Jersey, Two Competitions from Taubman College Faculty, Taub Col Gallery, 764-1300.

    THE STEARNS COLLECTION—One of six major collections of musical instruments in North America; contains more than 2,000 instruments, both Western and non-Western, ranging from typical period pieces to rare items, Sch of Mus, 763-4389.

    U-M DETROIT OBSERVATORY—Through Dec: U-M Detroit Observatory Salutes Detroit on Its 300th Birthday, Main Lobby, Hatcher Lib, 763-2230.