The University Record, November 12, 2001

Registration on Wolverine Access enhanced for 2002

By Linda Hancock Green
Michigan Administrative Information Services

New features and functionality should make it easier for students to register for classes this fall. The registration system behind Wolverine Access,, has been enhanced in an attempt to make the process more intuitive and easier to prepare for registering.

According to Paul Robinson, University registrar, students seem to have adapted well to the Web-based system registration system over the past year. “We’ve received many good suggestions since registration went on the Web for Fall Term 2000, and we’ve incorporate some of them into this new version of the registration program. I hope students will find that registering on the Web is easier than before.”

The redesigned site is more than just a change of colors—the new navigation bar at the top provides easier access to the “Help” and the “Logout” buttons. More than 25 online topics are available for help in learning to use the new system, as are other online help features like Frequently Asked Questions, step-by-step procedures and registration tips.

The most dramatic change on Wolverine Access is the new pre-registration “Backpack.” This optional planning tool works much like an online shopping cart, so a student can build a proposed class schedule before his/her registration appointment. Classes can be selected directly from the Class Details page and when dropped into the “Backpack,” users will be ready to register for selected classes on their appointed day and time.

Students can continue to register on Wolverine Access without using the Backpack function, but it is designed to make the process easier. Alternate classes can be placed into the Backpack to reduce the need to search for new classes in the event that a class is filled or that a scheduling conflict is encountered when registering. According to Robinson, it’s important to understand that putting a class into the online Backpack is not the same as registering, will not hold a seat in the class or place on a waitlist. The registration process still must be used after appointment days and times. “Students can open their pre-registration Backpack online and register for a class with the click of the mouse. If a seat is available and they meet the enrollment requirements, they’re registered. It’s that easy. The whole registration process could take considerably less time if the student uses the Backpack first as an online planning tool.”

Greater functionality built into the Class Details page should help keep the registration process simple. Students can select options, such as the number of credits for a class, grading basis (pass/fail) or writing requirement. The system will provide a prompt to choose a required class if one is specified, and will allow for joining a waitlist if a class is already filled and that option is available. These options can be selected for classes placed in the Backpack or at the time of registration.

Students, faculty and staff can become familiar with the changes to Wolverine Access before registration for Winter Term 2002 begins Nov. 19. An online tutorial provides nine scenarios based on the experiences of a fictitious LS&A junior. The demo is available at

A few tips on Wolverine Access registration:

  • Using the pre-registration Backpack function is optional. Students are not required to use it before they register. It has been provided to help students prepare for registering for their classes.

  • Students must still go through the registration process after their registration appointment begins. Putting a class into the Backpack will not substitute for registering for a class, waitlist or save a space in the class.

  • Printing a copy of a class schedule after registration will help verify enrollment in classes.

  • Logging into more than one session of Wolverine Access at a time may cause serious errors in registration.

  • Error and warning messages displayed by Wolverine Access during the pre-registration Backpack and registration process provide students with important information that can help troubleshoot problems they may encounter.

  • Pressing the key instead of clicking a button in Wolverine Access may lead to unexpected results or terminate the session without saving the work in process.