The University Record, November 12, 2001

Bags not allowed at Yost or Crisler

By Diane Brown
Facilities and Operations

Bags of all sizes will no longer be allowed in Michigan Stadium, Yost Arena or Crisler Arena games. Prohibited items include purses, fanny packs, backpacks, diaper bags, camera bags and binoculars cases. Exceptions for medical reasons will be addressed individually at the entrance.

“We are continuing to look at ways to ensure the safety and security of all spectators, players, and staff at our sporting events,” said William Bess, director of the Department of Public Safety. “During this time of heightened security awareness throughout our country, we must do everything we can to assist our community. By prohibiting certain items from access to our larger sporting venues, our officers can concentrate their efforts on other security measures.

“We appreciate the spirit of cooperation that our fans have exhibited with increased security steps at this season’s football games, and look forward to that support continuing. We apologize for any inconvenience these new procedures may incur.”

For a list of prohibited items at Crisler and Yost (the same as those excluded at the stadium), visit the Record on the Web at