The University Record, October 1, 2001

Record-setting day for phone, net traffic

From Information Technology Central Services

Terrorist attacks on September 11 prompted many people to telephone or send e-mail to family and friends. Information Technology Central Services (ITCS) handled the increased load and helped people get in touch with each other. “ITCS staff members proved reliable, professional, and dedicated through a most trying and delicate time,” said executive director Bill Aikman. “Their performance was incredible and commendable.”

ITCom handled a record number of telephone calls Sept. 11. Ann Arbor switch operations handled approximately 780,000 incoming and outgoing phone calls for the Ann Arbor campus. The Dearborn campus received 12,000 inbound calls—three times the normal volume—and outbound calls more than doubled. Inbound call volume for the Flint campus increased from an average of 3,300 to 5,000 calls.

On a normal day, the Ann Arbor campus call volume averages 450,000–500,000 calls. Before Sept. 11, the highest call volume recorded for one day was 640,000.

University operators worked around the clock on Sept. 11, handling 5,550 calls that day and averaging more than 700 calls per operator per shift.

Use of the IMAP e-mail servers and the Login Service also was high. Sept. 11–14, the IMAP e-mail servers met the needs of 25,000–30,000 concurrent users, without the usual significant drop in use after business hours.

ITCS staff members created and put into production a “Locating Family and Friends” Web site, with links to other sites that can assist in locating family and friends affected by the tragedies. As of Sept. 20, total of 1,515 people had visited the site, with an average 237 requests for the page per day.