The University Record, October 22, 2001

PhD Program integrates teaching and research

By Lesley Harding

Future faculty can now benefit from a new teacher development program.

Seven departments within the University including the Department of Chemistry and School of Education have teamed up to create “Interdisciplinary Studies at the Interface of Education (ISIE): A Comprehensive Professional Development Program for Future Faculty.”

The program will help Ph.D. students to better integrate their research and teaching with higher education.

A series of lectures is being offered to support the ISIE program:

  • “Aiming for a Moving Target: Preparing for Faculty Careers During a Time of Rapid Change” with keynote speaker Jim Duderstadt, Oct. 26.

  • “What the Experiences of Today’s Science Doctoral Students Reveal About Doctoral Education,” with keynote speakers Chris Golde of the Carnegie Foundation and Tim Dore of the University of George, Nov. 9.

  • “Curricular Reform” with Thomas Wenzel of Bates College, Nov. 30.

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