The University Record, October 22, 2001

USA Today promotes Documents Center as ‘Hot Site’

By Joanne Nesbit
News and Information Services

USA Today has selected the U-M Documents Center Web site, “America’s War Against Terrorism,” as one of the news source’s “Hot Sites.”

The site can be accessed at

The page contains links to a broad range of information, from news media around the world, to Afghanistan to counter-terrorism measures and volunteer opportunities. According to the “Web Guide,” “the University of Michigan Documents Center is an all-encompassing portal to online information about terrorism and the Sept. 11 attacks. Subject categories include research studies, related Web links, international organizations and special news reports.”

Grace York, coordinator of the Documents Center, began organizing and populating the site soon after the attacks on the New York World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The page was made available Sept. 16.

“We are delighted that others outside the University are using the site,” said York. “The Web page was developed with the intention of helping students who are writing papers this semester. Library staff noticed the class assignments almost immediately after the attacks.”

The “Hot Sites” are selected and reviewed by the USA Today technology editor, Sam Vincent Meddis. He bases his decisions on a variety of criteria including sites that are newsworthy, designed in an interesting manner, or those that contain unusual or unexpected content. “Only the relative few that seem superior and make for an interesting mix of sites on a particular day are chosen.”

To view a list of USA Today’s hot sites, go to

For more information about the University Library’s Documents Center, call (734) 764-0410 or send e-mail to

Record ‘hot sites’

  • Web sites for helping families talk about terrorism with children from Family Care Resources:

  • Resources for Health System bioterrorism information:

  • Fact sheets on anthrax: